Our Ethos and Values - The Essence of Meadowbrook

We strive to provide a happy, motivated and inspirational community that nurtures the individual and where a culture of high expectation is embedded and enjoyed. We aim to empower and support our children to build their confidence (thus maximise their potential) to feed their thirst for knowledge and celebrate their enquiring minds.


Our bespoke approach means that we are flexible within our curriculum to ensure we are responsive and versatile, for example, moving the lesson outside on a sunny day or in winter, cancelling what was planned for inside to catch snowflakes on our tongues or build a snowman!


We aim to educate the whole child and stimulate their spiritual and moral growth through an approach to education which is deeply rooted in mutual respect and understanding of the individual.  We believe that we provide our students with what Montessori referred to as a true ‘education for life.’

Meadowbrook Classroom
This is a mistake making, laughter sharing, independence building, brain stretching sort of place! Everyone matters at Meadowbrook.
Meadowbrook Graduate

To aspire to our vision we

  • Will prepare a highly-structured learning environment that is conducive to learning within relaxed yet disciplined classrooms which inspire our children to take pride in their work and in their community.
  • Build close relationships with parents to ensure easy and open communication of all aspects of their child’s education and development.
  • Facilitate the child’s understanding of personal and academic expectations, helping them to be the very best that they can be, confident in their individuality.
  • Deliver a broad range of well-resourced experiences and activities that reflect the research and best practice in child-centred education today.
  • Differentiate activities and adapt our teaching styles to ensure that each child can access the curriculum in a way that inspires them, helps them to meet their potential and enables them to experience success.
  • Ensure that manners, values and emotions are understood and prioritised so that children can develop the necessary interpersonal and intrapersonal skills needed to become happy and contributing members of society.
  • Maintain small multi-aged classes so that secure and close relationships can be formed between the teachers and pupils, on the basis that you cannot educate a child well unless you know a child well.
  • Work hard as individuals and as a School to continuously assess our practice to ensure that our environment is innovative and that our teaching is creative, robust, child-centred and progressive.
  • Employ staff who are able to think outside of the box,  genuinely value the progressive nature of a Meadowbrook education and are willing to go the extra mile.
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