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Choosing a school for your child is one of the most important decisions you will make as a parent. It is also one of the hardest, often forcing parents to choose between robust academic standards and a child’s enjoyment of learning. At Meadowbrook we offer a well-planned and highly-effective education in a stimulating and relaxed environment, helping each child to feel motivated and to reach their potential.


Meadowbrook children are actively involved in all aspects of their education, developing a strong sense of independence and control over their learning. They meet with teachers to help set their own aspirational targets, learn how to improve their standards and contribute to the termly parent – pupil – teacher meetings.


Meadowbrook children are seen as crucial in the design and delivery of their education which ensures they remain motivated and happy. Everything we do here, we do WITH the children, not TO them.


Staff also believe that to be successful, a school first has to touch the heart of a child before it can reach the mind. Meadowbrook teachers pride themselves on acting with kindness and firmness creating close and genuine relationships with their pupils. 

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‘When I first met with Serena she told me that Meadowbrook staff treat children as if they were their own. ‘A combination of love and common sense, kindness and firmness.’ At the time, I didn’t really believe it. Five years later how wrong I was. I cannot thank the school enough for being the influence it has been on my children. Having tried another school before discovering Meadowbrook, I only wish I had found it earlier…..I will never forget what Meadowbrook has done for our family.’
Meadowbrook Parent

At Meadowbrook, whilst we benefit from a highly-structured broad and stimulating curriculum, all aspects of teaching and learning take into account the individual needs of the children. We might begin by working with you as the parent, through our innovative Parent & Toddler sessions or meet you in the Primary School, when children are ready to explore their own preferred learning style and maximise their progress through our unique hybrid approach.

This methodology is influenced from a variety of sources – the National Curriculum Montessori’s programme of study, research into a Growth Mindset and known effective classroom tools such as Assessment for Learning and Positive Discipline.

By displaying a strong work ethic and personal responsibility, children can earn the privilege of greater freedoms within the structure of the school’s ground rules. They may work at standing desks, choose their work order, move about the School or work in other classrooms. Those who are not yet ready for this level of responsibility are supported and encouraged to make independent choices when they can and gain confidence in their abilities.

Although we offer a warm and supportive academic atmosphere, we set a high level of expectation for the quality of thought, work and the mastery of content and skills. As children move up the school, they become increasingly involved with setting their own academic and behavioural targets.  They help to track their own progress and evaluate their work as well as the work of others.

Independence is encouraged from an early age, as is accountability. From as early as Year 1, children also attend their parent-pupil-teacher meetings and contribute meaningfully to them.

Meadowbrook is unique in continuing the Montessori curriculum area of ‘grace and courtesy’ through the primary years, ensuring that manners and matters of the heart are given priority.

Thank you for giving both of my children the benefit of your expertise, for making them confident and kind children and for respecting their individuality. In their previous school, the boys will say that they were treated just like every other child. At Meadowbrook they tell me things are so different, they feel a sense of involvement, they feel listened to and most importantly, they feel valued. I only wish we had found you sooner!
Meadowbrook Parent

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