School Fees

Summary of School Fees: 2021/2022


Per term: £3,482 

Years 1 - 2 (Key Stage 1)

Per term: £3,914 

Years 3 - 6 (Key Stage 2)

Per term: £3,947

Learning Support

Learning Support Unit 1:1 SENCO Sessions

£52.00 per hour (1-1)

Learning Support in Class

£11.95 per hour

KS2 Reading Intervention / Support Sessions

£52 per term for 11 sessions

Key Stage 2

Children in Years 3-6 receive specific preparation for individual secondary school options, benefitting from a broadening of their curriculum and additional specialist teachers (including art & design).

To cover the Art History component of their creative curriculum they embark on an annual Gallery Trip and World Religion is similarly strengthened through the introduction of three further outings and workshops covering places of religious interest, each year.

Sibling Discount

10% Discount off termly fees is offered for the first sibling and 20% discount off termly fees for the third and any further siblings.

Music Lessons

Individual instrumental music lessons are available. Currently we offer Piano and Violin. The termly charge for these lessons is £220

Registration Fee

This is a non-returnable administrative charge of £100 for the first child attending the School and £50 for subsequent children.

Acceptance Deposit

This is a £500 fee (refundable when the child leaves – except in circumstances detailed in the Terms & Conditions) paid by the parents in order to secure their child’s enrolment, following an offer of a place.


One full term’s notice is required of your child leaving the School. In the event of notice being on the first day of term, full fees in lieu will be charged. Please refer to our Term’s & Conditions for further information.


Fees are paid termly in advance upon invoice. Payment MUST be made before the first day of term.

It is possible to pay fees on a monthly basis by prior arrangement. Contact:

Annual Payment discounts will be applied as follows: *a full year’s fees are paid in advance by 15th August, a 3% discount will be given.

*2.0% discount will be applied if paid by the first day of the Autumn term.

Annual fees are subject to any increases introduced throughout the year (a term’s notice is applicable).

Payment by debit card or credit card is available. Our preferred method is by electronic transfer. Fee payment by Direct Debit is also available, with three payments being drawn during the course of each term for the total amount of the termly fees. (Further information is available on request).

It is the school’s intention that the above fees will apply for the three terms commencing September 2021. All curricular costs and the cost of school trips undertaken throughout the term are also included in the fees with the exception of the annual Senior Field Trip.

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