Parent & Toddler / Pre-School & Parent Session Times & Format


Session Times

Sessions run from 9. 30am until 11.30am.

Parents must commit to arrive on time.

Session days are subject to change termly.

Please check with the office for the current term’s schedule.


Each session uses the same format enabling the children to gain knowledge and security in ‘what happens next’.

Upon arrival, toddlers are encouraged to take off their own coats and hang them on a peg at the entrance. Parent coats and changing bags can also be hung up, so as to keep the toddler room uncluttered. Parents are asked to allow their child further independence by providing them with a child size and manageable bag with their ‘things’ that they carry into school themselves.

Parents and children will initially be shown the ‘Montessori’ way for putting on a coat. If the facilitator feels your child is ready for this it will greatly benefit their independence.

Children are encouraged to sit with parents in a large circle on the floor where the ‘welcome song’ is sung. The song is the same each week, greeting individual children by name and allowing both parent and child ample opportunity to learn the words and movements.

During this time certain aspects of Montessori practice will be discussed and used as a focus for the session. Toys are laid out on the mats to occupy the children whilst the facilitator chats to parents about the week’s focus or article to be distributed.

After this time, the children will be free to begin their ‘work cycle’ – in Montessori terms, a period of time where they are allowed to choose materials and activities from those on offer. Towards the end of the session, there is an outdoor playtime using the Pre-Primary play facilities. Parents must supervise their children during this time.

Upon returning to the classroom, children and parents are asked to join in with the group activity which will involve taking turns, songs or listening or sharing activities.

Children are asked to bring a snack (healthy food only) which they can prepare themselves using child-size utensils provided. Afterwards, they can wash up their bowl or plate.

Parents are advised to bring a change of clothes in case of messy play or poor weather.


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