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Term Dates

Term Dates 2021 - 2022
Term Dates 2020 - 2021


Term Begins                        Tuesday 8th September 

Half Term                              26th October – 30th  October 

Inset Days                Friday 4th September, Monday 7th September & Monday 2nd November 

End of Term            Friday 11th December 


                                   SPRING TERM 2021 

Term Begins           Tuesday 5th January 

Half Term                 15th February – 19th   February 

Inset Days                Monday 4th  January  & Monday 22nd February

End of Term            Thursday 1st April 


                                           SUMMER TERM 2021

Term Begins            Tuesday 20th April

Half Term                  31st May – 4th June 

Inset Days                Monday 19th April, Monday 7th June  & Friday 9th July

End of Term             Thursday 8th July 

Term Dates 2019 - 2020


Term Begins                            Tuesday 10th September 

Half Term                                28th October – 1st November

Inset Days                  Fri 6th Sept, Mon 9th Sept,  Mon 4th Nov

End of Term              Friday 13th December  


                                   SPRING TERM 2020 

Term Begins            Tuesday 7th January 

Half Term                  17th February – 21st February 

Inset Days                 Mon 6th Jan, Mon 24th Feb

End of Term             Friday 3rd April 


                                             SUMMER TERM 2020 

Term Begins            Tuesday 21st April 

Half Term                  25th May – 29th May 

Inset Days                 Mon 20th April, Mon 1st June , Fri 10th July

Bank Holidays           Mon 4th May, Mon 25th May

End of Term             Thursday 9th July  (for Staff Friday 10th July)

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