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Now we are starting Autumn 2, we have a new homework structure: Maths, Literacy and Topic. In your homework books, you will have a structure with a brief description as to what you will be doing for 3 weeks at a time; worksheets will then be stuck in your books for you to complete your homework. There is also room for you to comment on how you found the task and also for your grownups too if they have anything to say.

I understand that many of you do clubs outside of school, so I will give you your homework on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays and I expect to see all 3 pieces by the end of the week latest (unless I have specifically given you longer). I would like you to do a bit of homework each night, as getting into a good routine will enhance your organisation skills.

Please keep up your daily reading, spellings and times-table practise. I have seen a real increase in your love for reading and I am hoping that this doesn’t fade away! Please make sure you are recording how much you read in your Reading Records as I will be making a note of this from now on.

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