Year 1 & 2


Dear Key Stage 1,

You’ve been so busy this term with your Plants and Planting study and I hope you can all remember the ‘2 Ws’ that seeds need to germinate!

Over half term, I would like you to care for your bean seed and bring it back to school on the first day back.  We’ll see if your seed germinated and, if it did, we will begin a bean diary to record growth and change.  We’ll study the shape of the leaves as your plant grows and learn more about what a plant needs to stay healthy.

We will also look at the different classes in the animal kingdom and continue our textiles projects.  We’ll be practising for Father’s Day and Academic Morning, so we’ll all be very busy!

Year 2, you will take your SATs after the half term so you will need to make sure you are well fed and well rested!

See you after the break,





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