Year 1 & 2


Dear Key Stage 1,

I hope you all had a super winter break and have had lots of lazy snuggly days at home with your family, watching your favourite movies and eating your favourite foods!

Our focus for learning this term will be understanding and using the Talk 4 Writing format, which will help us to develop our story-telling and writing skills. The Katie Morag stories will help us explore both story-telling in English and maps, plans and vocabulary in Geography.  Alongside this, we will look at building materials and how to make stronger structures in Science and Design&Technology, aided by the life and work of Isambard Kingdom Brunel.  You’ll end the half- term with a special Design and Technology project that you will find out about later!

Don’t forget to enjoy yourselves while you work, have fun and stay safe and report any worries or concerns to a trusted adult.  We are all here to help you!

Kind Regards









































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