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Have you ever wondered what your parenting or teaching style is?…Have you ever stopped to consider the long range results for you  and your child/ren?….. Are you tired of yelling, threatening, playing policeman, judge and jury but don’t know what else to do?….Do you know that you and your child/ren deserve better? Whether teacher or parent, if you have answered yes to any of these questions then Positive Discipline is for you.

Positive Discipline Introductory Course

These workshops offer a wonderful opportunity to find ways  of understanding and re-directing your child’s behaviour. They will enable you to understand the motivation behind children’s behaviour and best of all, give you a toolbox of srategies in how to deal with common issues in a non punative way.

Perhaps you are a Meadowbrook parent and wish to explore the successful methods that have been used at Meadowbrook for over 15 years. By attending our workshops you can apply the same approach at home and give your child the consistency they need.

Parenting through Positive Discipline & RCB (Redirecting Children’s Behaviour) focuses on the everyday challenges of raising children during the various stages of development and the importance of understanding age appropriate behaviour.

Amongst other concepts, these experiential workshops will encourage parents and teachers to help children develop the ‘significant seven’ perceptions and skills that will help them to become responsible members of society. Through sharing these principles and how they can be applied participants will be encouraged to provide real opportunities in their homes and classrooms for children to experience strong perceptions of personal capabilities, significance, personal influence over life interpersonal & intrapersonal skills and strong judgmental skills.

“Where did we ever get the crazy idea that in order to make children do better, first we have to make them feel worse? Think of the last time you felt humiliated or treated unfairly. Did you feel like cooperating or doing better?”

Jane Nelson

Participants will also learn:

  • The use of listening and dialogue as the essential process for encouraging closeness, trust and learning.
  • The importance of teaching and modelling mutual respect.
  • That a misbehaving child is a discouraged child.
  • The importance of taking time to train children and making sure that children understand what is expected.
  • Why punishment should never be used to ‘discipline’ children.
  • How to help your child develop self-discipline, problem solving skills, responsibility, co-operation and self-reliance through Positive Discipline.
  • How to build on success and learn from past parenting failures, how to reduce power struggles with your tot or teenager whilst creating an environment of co-operation and mutual respect and how to use kindness and firmness to create discipline that teaches.
  • How to use communication rather than control.
  • How to compare encouragement with praise and solutions with blame or punishment.
  • Winning steps to get into your child’s world and understand better why they sometimes ‘misbehave’.
  • Explore the beliefs behind your child’s behaviour and the Adlerian principles of Mistaken Goals.
  • Run family meetings and why they work to create an atmosphere of mutual respect.


Positive Discipline Advanced Course

This course is suitable for parents who have been practising PD for a while and who are already familiar with:

The Significant 7 – The Mistaken Goals of Misbehaviour  – Goal Disclosure – Logical Consequences – Key Concepts

During this course, we review the key concepts of PD and evaluate your current practice. We will explore in more detail ways of promoting the Significant 7 as these are key in helping children meet the aims of this approach. The Mistaken Goal Chart and Goal Disclosure will also be explored further. After a lunch break, the remainder of the session will be dedicated to the real-life challenges that you face in your homes and on troubleshooting. Participants of the advanced workshop will be sent a brief questionnaire prior to the session so that it can be tailored to the needs of the group.

All Positive Discipline / RCB Workshops serve to introduce the basic concepts and practices which can be applied across many age groups.

Positive Discipline Workshop Location

Workshops are held at Meadowbrook Montessori School. Full day Saturday Workshops run from 10.00am – 3.00pm. For details of new workshop themes please check our Facebook page.

Upcoming Workshops

For information about when the next courses are being held or for a registration form to book your place on an upcoming course, please contact us.

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