Whilst we are a ‘non selective’ school academically, we are indeed a school that strives to ensure a good match between parent, school and child. This means making judgements about mutual suitability, for example, what parents are looking for in a school versus what we offer. It means looking at whether or not parents can support the school’s ethos, in terms of work ethic and positive discipline or whether they value what is it that makes Meadowbrook such a special place.


It also means ensuring that we have a mixture of abilities in each class (an important Montessori principle designed to reflect society) and that the teacher can provide what each child needs. 


To these ends, we invite parents to visit Meadowbrook during the school day and spend time in each class observing our practice and chatting to our Headteacher. These observations are managed on an individual basis in line with our ‘bespoke’ approach to education. The next stage would be a visit from the child, who would attend a session or a day with us  (without the parents) so that they can get a feel for Meadowbrook, make some new friends and enable us to assess suitability. For children applying for Reception class, we undertake home visits or visit the child’s current setting.

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We spend the first year of a child’s life teaching it to walk and talk and the rest of its life to shut up and sit down. There’s something wrong there.
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Mutual suitability is not only assessed by looking at the individual child in the context of the classroom or school environment, but also by taking into account the ethos of the parents, their affinity with Meadowbrook’s values and approach and, where it is possible to predict, their future plans for education. Reasons for not offering a place may include highly disruptive behaviour or a significant learning difficulty that cannot be accommodated within the School.

It is important that we feel able to meet the needs of all children who attend and that we’re supported by the family. We also strive to maintain well-balanced classes of varying abilities and personalities. This may mean that from time to time, whilst a particular class may not be full, we would not be able to offer a child a place if we felt that this balance may be compromised. We have an obligation to our existing children to ensure high standards of personalised teaching, staff and pupil motivation, attitudes to work and positive behaviours are maintained. We also feel that it is important to place children in schools which can best cater for them and unfortunately we cannot cater for every need that comes our way.

  • We welcome families who support Meadowbrook’s approach and will endeavour to promote it at home.
  • We encourage child/ren to benefit from the whole Reception Class to Year 6 cycle at Meadowbrook.
  • We are looking for children who will benefit and flourish in the sort of personalised environment that we offer.
  • Meadowbrook reflects a range of abilities and aptitudes and supports varying levels of achievement, work ethic, and motivational factors, respecting the individual.
  • Priority is given to siblings of children already at our School with consideration to the above sentiments.
  • Admissions and exclusions at Meadowbrook are entirely a matter for the Headteacher.
  • Parents are asked to refer to our Terms and Conditions and our Terms of Agreement for further information

If you have any questions regarding Admissions or would like to book a personal observation visit to the school, please contact the school office or use our online enquiry form.

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