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As a member of the Independent Schools Association, Meadowbrook School comes under the jurisdiction of the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) and not OfSTED. ISI inspections cover a school's compliance (with the Independant School Standards Regulations) and quality, with the latter meticulously evaluating two main outcomes for children: achievement and personal development. In addition, the Pre-Primary department is accredited by the Montessori Evaluation and Accreditation Board (MEAB). This rigorous assessment sees that the school adheres strongly to the Montessori ethos, that it has well-qualified Montessori staff, well-equipt Montessori classrooms and a three hour Montessori workcycle so that children can make independant choices in their learning.

As a member of the Independent Schools Association, Meadowbrook is inspected by ISI (The Independent Schools Inspectorate). The Pre-Primary Department of Meadowbrook School is accredited by the Montessori Evaluation and Accreditation Board (MEAB), the UK’s leading accreditation body.

To achieve MEAB accreditation, the pre-primary department has undergone rigorous self-evaluation and external assessment and has demonstrated it is committed to the delivery of high quality Montessori education, with qualified Montessori teachers leading the learning in a quality prepared environment where each child learns and develops through free flow learning opportunities.

Children are happy, settled, and play together co-operatively in the nurturing and caring environment. Each child is valued, respected and treated as an individual. Clear boundaries and expectations of acceptable behaviour are established … The calm and industrious atmosphere and the respect for the environment and for each other that the children develop, ensure they have a positive first experience of school to support them in reaching their full potential … The Parent & Toddler sessions offer an excellent opportunity for parents to be better informed about the Montessori method of education.

Summary of the latest MEAB inspection in June 2016

Meadowbrook Montessori School provides a good quality education, meets its aims and has the overwhelming support of parents and carers.  Children make outstanding progress in their spiritual, moral, social and cultural development throughout the school, owing to an outstanding curriculum, and they make at least good progress in their learning owing to good teaching.

Their behaviour and attitudes to learning are outstanding.

Extract from last OFSTED Report 2012

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