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Option 1: 9am to 12 noon
Option 2: 9am to 1.15pm (school lunch not included)
Option 3: 9am to 3.30pm


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Prioritising emotional wellbeing ensures that academic achievement comes through warmth, support & tailored guidance, specifically designed to meet the needs of your child.


Combining Montessori practice, the National Curriculum, Growth Mindset & Positive Discipline, we teach children how to learn, not just what to learn, creating responsible individuals ready to tackle life with courage, confidence & accountability.


Personalised Education

A unique child-centred school that provides an individualised education, tailored to meet all of your child’s needs. Within the structure of Meadowbrook’s highly-effective hybrid curriculum, children are comprehensively prepared for secondary education and beyond.


Small School - Big Benefits

We maintain small class sizes to ensure that our experienced staff have time with each individual child and work on the premise that you cannot educate a child well until you first know that child well. Being a small school creates stronger relationships between our staff, pupils and parents. 


Positive Discipline

The application of Positive Discipline© enables us to understand our children’s behaviour and respond with kind but firm discipline. We focus on solutions rather than blame and punishment to encourage pupils to think for themselves, learn from their mistakes, be accountable for the choices they make and become responsible members of society.


Now Offering Flexi-Schooling

We welcome enquiries from parents who for whatever reason, would prefer their child/ren to attend Meadowbrook on a part time basis. This might be to benefit from our innovative teaching in core subjects or enjoy social and academic collaboration in a small child centred classroom setting.

The aim of education should be to teach us how to think, rather than what to think.  To improve our minds so as to enable us to think for ourselves, rather than to load the memory with the thoughts of other men.

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John Dewey

I am a parent with 2 children at the school and I cannot stress more, how amazing the environment and the teaching staff are. The teachers are fantastic and my children have developed a love for learning, which is amazing! They create a safe, secure and calm environment for the children and in turn the children have utter respect and warmth for them. I am sure that their primary school experience will set them up to be wonderful, well rounded adults, which is something every parent wants. Thanks Meadowbrook!  

Meadowbrook Parent

Message From The Head Teacher

Welcome to Meadowbrook Montessori School’s website. We invite you to explore these pages to find about more about what we do, and why we think Meadowbrook is such a unique primary school.

If you are taking the time to look at Meadowbrook School, then you are likely to be looking for an alternative method of education. You may be looking for a school that fosters your child’s emotional and social growth alongside academic growth, or perhaps your child has already started school and you just aren’t happy with your experience of school so far. Whatever your need, you are certainly looking for a school that offers something different to familiar, mainstream education

Meadowbrook offers just such an alternative. We strive to create happy, well-rounded, resilient, confident individuals in a nurturing, loving, inclusive environment.  Regardless of a child’s natural abilities, skills and talents, we set the expectation that children will strive to do their best. We help them understand their strengths, skills, fears and barriers so they can develop all aspects of themselves.

Big claims for a small school, I know!  So how do we do this? Meadowbrook combines the best of Montessori education with other elements of contemporary practise and theory that we deem a good fit with our Montessori ethos. Alongside the aims of the National Curriculum, Positive Discipline, Assessment for Learning and the Four Learning Powers are just a few examples of strategies that we have in our teaching toolbox.  Teachers use their professional judgement, their experience, their knowledge of the child and their background, as well as the needs of the moment to employ the technique they deem most fitting.

Children also have lots of opportunities to share their own strengths and skills. Pupils may, for example, plan a bake sale to raise money for charity, or run a lunchtime club or an assembly to teach others about their interests.  All children are encouraged to write agendas for our weekly Community Meetings (a vital tool in Positive Discipline) so they can share their view, raise an idea or challenge existing practise within school.  Children do not always have the final say, naturally, but they develop the skills of public speaking, verbalizing their own opinion, negotiating compromises, addressing practical restrictions and, if they are successful, running and managing their project.

Regardless of the techniques used, teachers maintain their commitment to our core belief; that children give their best and achieve their best when they feel secure, when they trust the people around them, and when they feel they belong.  Limited distraction, high levels of personalised attention and a flexible attitude towards making adaptations to suit individuals support and strengthen our impact on progress.  Children that don’t cope well with the hustle and bustle of a more familiar classroom scenario, or children who experience anxiety at school, often thrive, without specific intervention, purely through the nature of our ethos and approach.

Meadowbrook, therefore, may be the perfect fit for your child.  We are not a specialist school, and our staff do not have extensive SEND training (other than our SENDCo), but we do strive to achieve something special with our pupils.

Parents who are looking for a school that adapts to uniquely suit their needs of their child, or a school in which children make their own choices without facing or feeling consequences, will not find what they are looking for at Meadowbrook.  Montessori philosophy very firmly emphasises the importance of making choices within boundaries and in a respectful, considerate manner. We place great emphasis on the development of responsibility for one’s words, actions and choices and teachers will not always intervene in or diffuse an awkward moment if they feel it is an opportunity to develop resilience, courage, strength and responsibility.  Recognising one’s own mistakes and taking responsibility for them is an important target for all our pupils.

If you would like to come and see Meadowbrook for yourself, please complete the contact form on our Website, call the office on 01344 890869 and speak to Joy, our administrator, or email Joy on  I will be happy to show you around and to talk more about your specific requirements as a family. I look forward to seeing you soon!

Sarah Warner

Head Teacher


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